March 19, 2009

Questions You're Probably Asking

1. How is my wife handling this?
While I can't answer for her adequately, I will summarize that she is understandably shocked and hurt, but grateful that I am being honest with her. She has been very supportive to me and stayed by my side during the hardest moments.

2. What will you do now?
As far as religion is concerned, I have no real interest in joining another church at this time. I still believe in God and I think my time will be best spent coming to know Him without being distracted by the noise of the Church's doctrine with which I disagree.

3. What about your daughter?
I support her attending Church, and whatever decisions she makes regarding religion for the rest of her life, as long as they are her decisions. I will not discourage her from doing anything that she feels is right. If and when she asks me spiritual or religious questions, I will answer as honestly as I know how and let her decide.

4. Do you regret going on a mission?
No. I truly feel that if I were ever to gain a testimony of Joseph Smith, Jr. as a prophet, it would have been on the mission. I tried as hard as I could to silence my questions during those two years, and several years after, but it didn't happen. I learned more about myself, the world, and spirituality in that time than any other time in my life. It was an invaluable time to me.

5. Do you support your wife in attending church?
Of course. I will continue to treat her as I always have, and support her in her interests and calling just as I always have. I have never said that the Church is a bad organization or that it needs to be opposed, I just do not believe that it is what it claims to be. I support anyone who chooses to follow it out of love and hope rather than fear and guilt.

I'm sure there are a lot more questions out there. As I have said before, I am happy to answer any. If you haven't already noticed, probably a good place to start is the top link to the right. My main sources are LDS historians and I make every attempt to state a fact, give a reference for the fact, then what that fact means to me.

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