January 23, 2011

A Brief Update

Readers have certainly noticed the increasing length of time in between my posts. I have not abandoned this blog - on the contrary, I often make adjustments to past posts, usually fixing typos, rewording phrases, improving analogies, etc. However, it has been necessary for me to begin focusing time elsewhere in my life. I will likely continue to write on this blog, but less frequently than in the past. The lack of comments challenging my views has led me to feel that I have made my point. This blog has also allowed me a space in which to process through my complicated feelings toward the LDS church and many of its members. For the past several months I have felt a great deal of healing and recovery from the difficulty of separating myself from the Church. For this reason, I have felt less need to process on this blog. I thank all those who have taken some part in this time in my life.

Again, I have no intentions of discontinuing this blog, but it will no longer be as central to my daily thoughts as it once was. I will continue to make updates to past posts, and occasionally will write new posts. In the meantime, thank you for reading, and good luck in your own journeys.