March 24, 2009


Due to the frequency of hateful comments some individuals have left on both of my blogs (I have deleted only one that insisted I am homosexual), some have suggested that I disable such individuals from being able to leave said comments anonymously. I have done so on our family blog because that is no place for such things. But I have decided to leave the ability on this blog for a few reasons:

1. I have given full disclosure of my reasons for what I'm doing and invite all to understand them, whether they choose to or not. I want to keep an open dialogue, but find that many want to talk about it but not talk about it. I want all to feel safe with whatever they want to say.

2. I find that people show their true colors when they cannot receive any consequences for their actions. I want to leave the hateful comments for all the world to see, so that they may judge for themselves who writes in the spirit of seeking truth and who writes in the spirit of intolerance. I think leaving them also proves to everyone that I am willing to accept all the consequences for my beliefs. I will stand for what I know and feel to be true, and I will not hide who I am, though others may choose to hide who they are. All are invited to contact me to have a mature discussion of any of these topics. Choosing not to says a lot to me and the rest of the world.

3. I have balanced sources in my list of links. Please check them for yourselves. If you want to know how I feel about it, you can click to see. If you want to know how the Church feels about it, you can click those links to see as well. I also want to allow all sides of the discussion to thrive in my comments.

4. Guilt is not my motivator - the truth is my motivator. If an anonymous individual has something to say that is motivated by the truth and not the noise of guilt, he or she is free to do so.

I respectfully ask that any comments be free of profanity and groundless attacks on my character (although I will respond to those as well) for the sake of the free exchange of ideas. It is, of course, as I have stated, up to you.


Sara said...

I am not trying to be antagonistic in any way, I am just curious. Do you believe the Bible to be the word of God? You do quote from it often. You also appear to be very anti-polygamy. So, what do you think of Abraham, Issac, or Jacob? Have you researched and investigated the Bible as you have The Book of Mormon?

Anonymous said...
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Eli said...

Good question. I think the Old Testament contains a lot of stories with a religious moral or point, much like a fable. I do not believe the Old Testament contains literal history. I am aware of the multiple wives and concubines in the Old Testament, but as I said, I do not believe it was necessarily inspired writing by God. While polygamy most certainly happened in the days of Abraham and Jacob, I do not believe that it was God's commandment.

Eli said...

At 2:52 pm today, someone posted an anti-Mormon statement that I found to be most unhelpful, and quite offensive to me and faithful Mormons. I removed it as soon as I saw it. I'm sorry to those of you who may have seen it before I got to it.