January 23, 2011

A Brief Update

Readers have certainly noticed the increasing length of time in between my posts. I have not abandoned this blog - on the contrary, I often make adjustments to past posts, usually fixing typos, rewording phrases, improving analogies, etc. However, it has been necessary for me to begin focusing time elsewhere in my life. I will likely continue to write on this blog, but less frequently than in the past. The lack of comments challenging my views has led me to feel that I have made my point. This blog has also allowed me a space in which to process through my complicated feelings toward the LDS church and many of its members. For the past several months I have felt a great deal of healing and recovery from the difficulty of separating myself from the Church. For this reason, I have felt less need to process on this blog. I thank all those who have taken some part in this time in my life.

Again, I have no intentions of discontinuing this blog, but it will no longer be as central to my daily thoughts as it once was. I will continue to make updates to past posts, and occasionally will write new posts. In the meantime, thank you for reading, and good luck in your own journeys.


Christy Smith said...

I'm glad you're feeling much more at peace with everything -- I wish I were in your shoes. I have to attend a group several times as a part of my group therapy class, and I'm thinking of going to the SLC post-mormon group...I think it will be really beneficial for me to hear their points of view. Thanks for all your thoughts and for having the courage to share them with the world. I wish you all the best with your new job and beautiful, growing family! Keep in touch!

Merry Mary said...

This is a sign that you are healing and moving on, a process which we all must go through at our own pace and in our own way. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and thoughts with us.

cara lou said...

I just found your blog through the Mormon411 blog. I'm enjoying your posts very much! So thoughtful and well-written. I left the church 12 years ago, but still enjoy reading about others' experience and church related issues. Going to read back through your archives now. :) I do hope to see more posts from you, but understand and am glad for you to be past a lot of the processing. All the best to you!