March 2, 2010

Ministry of Truth

Previously, I have used the writings of George Orwell to compare how the LDS church resembles The Party in his novel 1984. The Party is the ruling political body in the novel, which goes to great lengths to ensure that it will remain in power. For example, the main character is employed in The Party's "Ministry of Truth," which is actually a sophisticated system of literally rewriting the world's history. If the leader, "Big Brother," makes a prediction which turns out to be incorrect, the Ministry of Truth's duty is to go back to the records of the prediction and change it to match what actually happened. Thus, there is no contradiction on paper. The leader is maintained as accurate and infallible. And all the while, the governed consume the lies, either unknowing or uncaring that the reality upon which they feed has no substance.

How sad that the LDS church also falls prey to the temptation to change its own history. It is unfortunate that an organization that claims to have and promote truth in its purest form (I found the title of this talk laughable) continues to tell half-truths and allow its members to believe falsities about its history (examples here, here, and here). Naturally, the Church fears that people would be turned away from it if they knew the whole truth early on. That would be devastating to its membership (see related quotes here). But what about honesty, trust, and transparency?

Imagine you meet a beautiful woman. She seems flawless, like everything you ever wanted. When you're together, it just feels right. But for some reason, she won't talk about her past. She changes the subject whenever you ask where she grew up, or mention her family. She says she wants to just focus on the present. So you get married, and eventually you realize that she was concealing a criminal record, three divorces, and a small fortune worth of debt. Do you think you would have committed to her had you known the full story? Wouldn't you feel manipulated? Taken advantage of? Used? If she truly were an honest and trustworthy person who loved you, don't you think she would want to be upfront with you?

If the LDS church really loves its members and investigators, and strives to be a beacon of honesty and integrity, why does it continue to keep its history concealed, or allow the world to believe things that are not accurate? Doesn't it seem deceitful? Doesn't it seem self-serving?


Nick said...

This Talk/Article by Richard Scott
"Truth: The Foundation of Correct Decisions"
is typical of Cult Leaders.

I don't know if they do it purposely or are so blinded and deluded that they cannot see it themselves.

Jehovahs Witness cult leaders speak the exact same double talk. Its almost as everything they warn you about is actually what they themselves are doing to you!

JW magazine writers(who by the way are always anonymous) are notorious for 'misquoting' deceptively other Authors and Articles and yet I remember a meeting in the Kingdom Hall where the members were told to always be honest and 'never' misquote any Authors or Historians when defending the JW cult.(All talks being pre-prepared/guided by Watchtower Authorities through watchtower publications and local Elders).

I saw through it straight away knowing the deceptive tactics used by The Watchtower Society in its Magazines and books.

Having experienced both organisations the similarity in deceptions and hiding information was very noticeable.

Nick said...

During my two years investigating the church I was being misled as to the real truth of the church's history and origins and about its founder Joseph Smith(and especially him being portrayed as a monogomist).

Unfortunately many members did not know themselves and the suggestion that Smith used a hat and garden rock was frowned upon by some who I dared to mention it as Anti Mormon lies.

That doesn't bode well for their claims of having a testimony of truth through feelings as those same feelings misled them about the truthfullness of the hat and garden stone.