October 19, 2009


I had an interesting conversation the other day with a member of the Church who follows the advice of a non-traditional doctor in her diet. The conversation concerned times when this doctor's advice conflicts with the doctrine of the LDS church. In instances where her church competes with her medical caregiver, who wins, and why?

It turns out that there are several instances where she chooses her doctor's advice above the Church's. For example, this doctor advises large quantities of meat to be ingested at every meal, which contradicts the Word of Wisdom as written in the Doctrine and Covenants of the Church. Additionally, several of the herbal mixtures the doctor prescribes contain alcohol, which, according to the Word of Wisdom, is "not for the belly."

I think similar questions could be asked to several of the members of the Church. I know of no one who follows LDS guidance to the absolute letter of the law, and I would love to know why this discrepancy exists. When given a choice to follow "the prophets" or someone else, why is it that so many members make decisions that go against what "the prophets" have said?

For example, I know very active members who buy lottery tickets regularly. I know dozens who watch rated "R" movies. I know several who get tattoos or extra piercings despite statements against these by The Brethren. My experience is that only about half of home teaching gets done in any given month. I know a gentleman now who is very active and insists he knows the Church is true, but has chosen to work on Sundays despite promises of great blessings for keeping the Sabbath day holy (example). Without words, he has said that he either doesn't want those blessings, or that he truly does not believe that is a true promise.

I don't mean to call these individuals hypocrites, because that is a bit too far past my point. What I want to point out is that it seems faithfulness is a continuum. Even the most faithful of LDS have instances where somewhere deep down they tell themselves "Oh, that doesn't apply to me. I'm sure God will make an exception. That's more of a guideline than a commandment, even if the prophet said it. It's not that bad."

And what does this tell us about a testimony "beyond a shadow of a doubt"? If these people did have absolute faith in their testimonies, why are they telling the world, "I know that Thomas Monson is a prophet of God, but I won't do my home teaching like he asks," or "I follow the Word of Wisdom, except for this part and this part."?

Doesn't it really mean that everybody follows the Church up to the point where they actually disagree with its absolute truthfulness? Sure, we are all imperfect and working on our weaknesses, but when someone consciously chooses against the Church, but insists that it is the absolute truth in the universe, how am I to interpret just how convinced that person really is? Are they trying to convince me, or themselves?

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Elder Joseph said...

I remember one EQ lesson about 'Integrity'. It was from Spencer Kimballs book I think.

As someone myself who has never bought a lottery ticket and actively voiced my concerns over it as potentially harmful to alot of families who can ill afford to lose money and its total contradiction to thrift and hard work ethics in life, I was very shocked that Donny Osmond appeared on the UK National lottery show promoting it and playing along wishing everyone luck!

It was like a smack in the face for me after telling my friends and family how ethical Mormons and the church REALLY are.

Here we have a man who openly advocates and promotes the church and its 'standards' on his website, yet seen parading away on the lottery(for his own selfish gain in promoting his booty).

I emailed his website at least two or three times in total to ask if he had compromised his Integrity and mentioned Spencer Kimballs lesson. I also asked how does he justify a Temple Recommend in this situation also?

Surely he would have served God and fellow man better in speaking out against lotteries and their potential harm and exort Provident Living and Thrift instead.

Each time his website IGNORED me.

I brought the matter up in EQ after the lesson On Integrity and it was troublesome to find that no one seemed to give a damn.

I thought to myself what was the point of the lesson then.

I had to press the issue and eventually a couple of members agreed it needed to be looked at.

But the LDS CHURCH loves its MAMMON and so no one will upset Donny as he continues to pay his DOLLARS to the Cult.

I decided to keep my Integrity and not compromise as advised by Spencer Kimball and walked out for good from an organisation that seems to love its MAMMON more than it's Integrity.

I remember a saying from Jesus that says something like you can't Love or Serve God and Mammon, because you will hate one for the other.

People might think I'm a bit extreme here but I believe in Standing For Something even if the LDS church leaders don't.

PS Donny even hosts gameshows promoting 'winning' money! What happened to Mormon values of teaching Thrift and Provident Living?