May 24, 2009


I have to apologize; I was just today made aware that some have been unable to post comments on this blog. It is probably due to the new background changes I made. I believe I have now fixed the problem, but please contact me if there are any more problems.
I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.


Eli said...

This is a test comment. If others can see this, commenting is now enabled.

Richard Packham said...

Your comment is visible, but the background does make it harder to read. I find I have to adjust the "View" "Page Style" option to "No Style", which removes all visual stuff from the page and shows just text.
I liked your old format better - classy, simple, and legible.

Anonymous said...

Eli! I have to say that is one epic picture that you have for your avatar!!!! -Chris

Eli said...

Response to Richard Packham: Thanks for the feedback. I like the picture, but I agree that the overlap between the text and the background makes the text difficult to read. I just edited the HTML for the background to make the text box only 90% opaque (it was 80% before), so it should be easier to read now. If you still have trouble, please let me know and I'll adjust it again.

Epicurus said...

Hi Eli! 90% opaque works fine for me. I love the picture with all that sunshine. Very en-light-ening! hahahaha

Christopher said...

I just found your blog today and I couldn't stop reading it. I'm glad you address many questions that Mormons may be afraid to ask. I don't think I made it to your Elder's quorum lessons, I was in the nursery.

I think your leaving the church was an act of faith. I'm assuming it was as difficult for you to leave as it is for many to join. But don't get a big head about that.

A sister got up in fast and testimony meeting this month and told us she had been questioning whether or not God even exists. It was actually a really great testimony, because it asked real questions. None of this "I know for sure" garbage that everyone is repeating these days. Mormons have become a people terrified of doubt. And yet doubt is exactly what our missionaries tell their investigators to do. Doubt everything you have been taught and believe, read this book, doubt whether or not it's true. Doubt shows a yearning for truth, which is rewarded with knowledge. If we ignore the struggle we lose the reward.

My dad left the church, but he refuses to talk about it. I once got it out of him that he was "tired of pretending." I think that's a valid reason.

I would, of course, love for you to come back, because then we could submit the story to The Ensign. But until then, I think you might be in a spot C.S. Lewis described:

"When a young man who has been going to church in a routine way honestly realizes that he does not believe in Christianity and stops going . . . the spirit of Christ is probably nearer to him then than it ever was before." - From Mere Christianity, p.164.

Eli said...

Response to Christopher: Hey, it's been a while! I hope you and yours are well. Thank you for your comment- I think that is the best sense of "agreeing to disagree" I have yet received.